CONVERGE Surprise Release ‘Beautiful Ruin’ EP [Stream] + Official Video

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

Aggression fueled post-hardcore heavyweights CONVERGE sprung a surprise EP release on fans this week, June 29th to be exact. 

The four-song “Beautiful Ruin” EP was recorded during the sessions for their latest full-length album, The Dusk In Us. It is a succulent, sweet short player of harrowing abrasiveness; only one song of the four manages to break the two-minute mark.

Along with the unexpected EP comes the Tony Wolski-directed official video for the third track “Melancholia“. Wolski also directed CONVERGE‘s “I Can Tell You About Pain” video from The Dusk In Us.

Riff Relevant is providing a Bandcamp embedded stream of the “Beautiful Ruin” EP here, along with the new video.

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