WEED DEMON ‘Astrological Passages’ Album Gets Vinyl Treatment

Weed Demon Astrological Passages album

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Columbus, Ohio‘s WEED DEMON is the scathing, densest embodiment of stoner rock and doom/sludge metal music in every sense of these words.

Following their inception in 2014, these Midwestern purveyors of punishingly lethal sonic abrasiveness have unleashed two official albums. They are 2015’s ‘Stoned To Death’ and 2017’s ‘Astrological Passages‘, the latter of which is what brings us here at this time.

On July 27th, Electric Valley Records will make ‘Astrological Passages‘ available on Vinyl LP format for the first time – in three different colored variants, no less. They will include translucent orange, clear yellow, and red marble versions that a pre-order has launched for at the Weed Demon Bandcamp page.

Just in case you may have missed the original release, or perhaps have forgotten just how crushingly spectacular Weed Demon‘s  ‘Astrological Passages‘ is, we are including an embedded stream to refresh your memory.


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