SPACELORD Self-Titled Album Review

Article By: Brian Halsey ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Buffalo, New York. A magical snow-ravaged tundra, known for serving wings at every meal, and blasting Every Time I Die 24/7 in all local establishments.

Everyone who lives there is perpetually drunk, and there isn’t much to do except join the Bills Mafia and stare dumbfounded at the scenic beauty of Niagara Falls. Pretty much what I’m saying is: Buffalo, NY rules. It is only natural that cool bands like SPACELORD would evolve from the primordial soup of such a legendary wasteland.

SPACELORD barrels over you with a storm of psychedelic rock n roll on their 2017 self-titled album. “Five Days in a Hole” is a catchy opener that lets you know these guys are for real. “That Witch Rises” is a heavy track that adequately represents the meat and potatoes of this band; crunchy riffs transitioning into a smooth flow of blues.

Hollow Moon” is a fan favorite towards the latter part of the album that gives the whole production a nice sense of balance. The album was recorded, mixed, and produced by Rich Root. Mastered by Watchmen Studioswith original album cover artwork by Andy Belanger.

SPACELORD confirms what I suspected all along. When the great humanitarians of Buffalo aren’t power-bombing each other through tables, missing clutch field goals, finding ways to make their food hotter, or drinking LaBatt Blue, they are getting together and crushing some solid tunes.

Science fiction, intergalactic weirdness, and giant robots just seem to vibe right with the classic/ stoner rock and doom sound SPACELORD cranks out.

Go pick up their album on Bandcamp and hit up Amazon for a pair of Zubaz Bills pants while you’re at it. Then thank me below in the comments.


Chris Cappiello – Bass
Kevin Flynn – Drums
Ed Grabianowski – Vocals
Richard Root
– Guitar

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