POTION ‘Women Of The Wand’ EP Review & Stream; S.E. Asia Tour w/ MARIJANNAH

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Australia has been rapidly accelerating its presence on the global stoner /psych /doom scene with some amazing representatives.

The latest band to surface from Down Under is POTION – Lee Jowono (Vocals/Guitar), Stella Leung (Bass), and Chris Downey (Drums) – who arrive via the two-song ‘Women Of The Wand‘ EP.

Although a lot is unknown about POTION‘s background or biography at this time, it really is not all that important if we just opt to inspect their music. What we have here are those pair of tracks, “Dead Mountain” and title cut, “Women Of The Wand“.

Very, very much in the vein of Electric Wizard, Dead Witches, or their Aussie peers Haunted, POTION project plodding, ultra-heavy riffery as their source. They heap crushing rhythms and pulverizing drums upon those riffs, all with a weight capable of inwardly collapsing your speakers if you aren’t careful.

Hellish, throat-ripped vocals only add to the frightening air of this music, they even take on a bit of black metal-ish styling at times, too. Other nuances and occasional effects inject an undeniable coat of psychedelia into these tunes. That is especially clear in later sections of “Women Of The Wand“.

Check out our stream of POTION‘s “Women Of The Wand” in our review here or head over to Bandcamp [LINK] to stream and purchase the album. A Cassette version of the EP is currently sold out, unfortunately, but the digital format is available.

On a related note, POTION will be teaming with Marijannah for a tour in South East Asia that begins today, July 11th. This will be POTION‘s first time playing overseas and here is the itinerary:

11 July – Biru Musik – Solo, Indonesia (POTION only)
12 July – Rossi Musik – Jakarta, Indonesia
13 July – Spasial – Bandung, Indonesia
14 July – Rumah Api – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
15 July – SLED Productions x Decline – Singapore

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