Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Arriving from Bern, Switzerland is the collaborative effort between vocalist Tina Jackson and Rollerball guitarist/ multi-instrumentalist Dave Talon, POOR LITTLE THINGS.

Things are rounded out by drummer / percussionist Fernando Marlboro, who also co-produced the album with Talon. The EP contains five songs of heavily 70s/80s pop-influenced music but with ample rock ‘n roll vibes throughout. Think The Runaways meet Blondie at a Bay City Rollers show… yeah, that’s the ticket!

Chock full of feel-good energy with uptempo scorch appeal, song after song lands with sweltering allure. The use of handclaps and other solid accentuation in a song like “Break Another Heart” displays the band’s knack for knowing how to write a cool ass cut.

However, it is when POOR LITTLE THINGS forego any restraint, pull out all the stops and go for broke with their pulsing rock surety that they truly shine. This occurs on two tracks in particular, “Drive” and “Street Cheetah” (my fave).

Also worth noting are Tina’s powerhouse vocal deliveries, at times sultry but always rippling with a solid, quiet-cool type of presentation. She channels vibes of such greats as Suzi Quatro or Joan Jett, her vocals possess an old-school, classic rock nuance that works well in giving these cuts a retro feel in that department.

Give POOR LITTLE THINGS some of your attention and enjoy the stream of their S/T EP in this review or jump over to Bandcamp [HERE] to stream/purchase the EP.

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