RIVERS OF GORE S/T Album Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Once upon a time in Mexico… in Méx., Mexico to be exact, there existed a trio of musicians that were determined to laugh in the face of Death.

These tres hombres – guitarist / vocalist Rolando Valseca Merino, drummer Samuel López, and bassist Daniel García – thought the best way to get their chuckles was through some heavy ass music.

So, after taking the name RIVERS OF GORE, they gathered together with Abraham Anell at Bong Records in April 2018 and recorded a self-titled, full-length album.

In the span of three lengthy tracks, each running between 14 and 18 1/2 minutes playing time, the guys explored the liberating emanations of intense psych-fuzz imbued jams. They augmented each of them with muscular enhancements, like those found on the experimental aural freak-out, “Abduction (The Message)“.

Resonating with non-conformist riffs, sluggish, plodding, rhythmic advances, displaced vocals, and out-of-body guitar soloing, RIVERS OF GORE found their flow. They would soon find “Glory And Punishment” simultaneously, amid the massive expanses of such audible duality. Within the depths of this doomed discharge of sludge, one where guitar wails pierced the air like the screams of cartel victims, irony became more than just too much of a mineral.



Ultimately, the “Shell Shock” would set in with great determination and hellish dispelling. Ravaging all flesh before it with crushing bass lines and blasts of accelerating drums offset with passages of more tempered ones, the track would see none spared.

If you seek a thrill in the sonic realm, one that’s quite unlike a lot else that’s taking place out there, then, by all means, wade on into RIVERS OF GORE. Bathe yourself in it like Countess Bathory herself via our embedded stream or jump in headfirst at Bandcamp [HERE].


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