PLAINRIDE Debuts “El Coyote” Off Upcoming ‘Life On Ares’ Album From Ripple Music

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Germany’s brazenly heavy fuzz rock band PLAINRIDE announces the upcoming release of their sophomore album, ‘Life On Ares‘.

It will arrive from Ripple Music on September 21st and is the eagerly awaited follow-up to the band’s smashing introduction, 2015’s ‘Return Of The Jackalope’. We are sharing the album’s artwork and tracklist today, along with a spectacular new song from said record, “El Coyote“.

The song finds the PLAINRIDE quartet – Max Rebel (vocals), Fabe “van Fuzz” Klein (guitar), Leo “Lionhatch” Beringer (bass), and new drummer Flo “The Brave” Schlenker – reveling in a state of stunning heaviness. The song’s overall sound is similar to what a more metalized version of Clutch or Planet Of Zeus might exude if such existed. Well, perhaps they do actually… as PLAINRIDE.

Life On Ares‘ will be established on September 21st from Ripple Music and pre-order is active now at Ripple webstore [link] or Bandcamp [link].



01. A Fiery Demise (Prologue)
02. El Coyote
03. Battletoads
04. Seven Of Spades
05. Bite Back
06. Wormhole Society
07. Texas Labyrinth
08. Blood On The Crown
09. Thunder And Awe
10. Anaximander (And The Riddle Of Origin)



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