UNHOLD “Deeper In” Video; ‘Here Is The Blood’ Album Release Nears

(Photo Courtesy Of Soundphoto.ch)
Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

UNHOLD, the Bern, Switzerland-based quintet capable of orchestrating some of the finest progressive sludge to air in the contemporary age, have returned.

November 9th will see the release of their new full-length album, ‘Here Is The Blood‘, from Czar Of Crickets Productions. The follow-up to 2015’s ‘Towering’ was recorded and engineered by Christoph Noth at Studio La Fonderie, Fribourg CH, mixed and mastered by Andrew Schneider at Acre, NY, and produced by UNHOLD.

Along with the revelation of the ‘Here Is The Blood‘ artwork, tracklist, and pre-order, we are excited to share today’s unveiling of the new official video from the band, “Deeper In“. It is streaming below and follows the previously released single, “Convoy” (also included here).

UNHOLD commented on the song, one where their pianist and co-vocalist, Miriam Wolf, assumes lead vocal duties, offering the following:

“‘Deeper In’ is Unhold’s mesmerizing construction of a sonic stronghold, understanding that each layer not only brings serenity but as well poses new questions to the mind. Affected by memories as an essential part of your life, defining who you are today and frame who you will be tomorrow. Memories may be considered the only thing you can truly call your own. ‘Deeper In’ is accusing oblivion and laying eyes on everyone’s fall. Taking responsibility to give, to stand tall and to withstand the current tides. What will be on your mind as you fall?

The video clip shows a vast space, us playing the song to ourselves. Living up to our own expectations yet allowing observers to take part in a seemingly hermetic occurrence. ‘Deeper In’ is an attempt to cohesively view our social coexistence, a statement celebrating the deep ties between all beings in the present and the past which are required when arranging as many different elements into one life, as all our lives do.

The new songs provide incredible examples of what encompassing depths UNHOLD are able to achieve in their heavy-handed music, all while powerful melodies and touching atmospherics enhance said sonics. These emotive dynamics result in a musical tempest that is delivered with the utmost calculated precision.

UNHOLDHere Is The Blood‘ will arrive from Czar Of Crickets Productions on Nov. 9th; pre-order is available now in the following formats at the links provided.

Vinyl LP | CD | Digital (Apple Music)Bandcamp 

Reto Wittwer – Bass
Miriam Wolf – Piano & Vocals
Philipp Thöni – Guitar & Vocals
Daniel Fischer – Drums
Thomas Tschuor – Guitar & Vocals


01. Attaining The Light
02. Convoy
03. Deeper In
04. Curse Of The Dime
05. Hunter
06. Pale
07. Altar
08. The Chronic Return


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