Exclusive Premiere: NATURE MORTE ‘NM1’ Argonauta Records [Pre-Release Stream]

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The Parisian trio NATURE MORTE will release their début album, ‘NM1‘, via Argonauta Records this Friday, November, 23rd.

There is nothing strange or unusual about that, at least not on the surface, yet the uniqueness exists in the aural contents of the album and the band itself. NATURE MORTE is Stevan Vasiljevic, Chris Richard, and Vincent Bemer, and they possess the talent and abilities to create powerfully atmospheric, emotion-inducing, majestic instrumentation.

They do so upon ‘NM1‘ with grandiose, multi-faceted songs constructed with elements of black metal, post-rock, and progressive doom. The resulting soundscapes are far-reaching in their scope, precise in their grasp, and ultimately mind-blowing in their execution. This is astonishing music with songs that pull you ever deeper inward, ones that never fear the usually perceived genre boundaries that others abide by and limit themselves to.

Today, Riff Relevant invites you to step outside the conventional norms of music and enter an otherworldly plane of avant-garde metal, with a pre-release stream of ‘NM1‘ from NATURE MORTE.

NM1‘ is available in CD and Digital Download formats, officially releasing on November 23rd from Argonauta Records.

For pre-order and purchase options, visit this LINK.

NM1‘ Tracklist:

01. Through The Perfection Of Your Nothing
02. Till Love Do Us Part
03. Grief
04. Black Pram


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