MUDBATH ‘Brine Pool’ Review, Stream & NYP Item

The Avignon, France-based bashers in Mudbath have returned with a brand new offering for you experience, ‘Brine Pool‘. The six-song recording is the follow-up to the band’s previous release, 2015’s Corrado Zeller.   Continue reading “MUDBATH ‘Brine Pool’ Review, Stream & NYP Item”

SMOKE MOUNTAIN Self-Titled EP Review & Stream

From the deep, dark swamps of Tallahassee, Florida comes a mountain of smoke-enveloped doom. In fact, it comes in the form of the lumbering Smoke Mountain trio and their recently released three-song, self-titled EP.   Continue reading “SMOKE MOUNTAIN Self-Titled EP Review & Stream”

TAD DOYLE To Release Solo Album ‘Incineration Ceremony’; Track Streaming, Pre-Order

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, engineer, etc. Tad Doyle (TAD, Hog Molly, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth) has announced a planned solo album release. “Incineration Ceremony” is slated for release on May 16th via Yuggoth Records while new track, ‘Silent Incineration’, is streaming here today.    Continue reading “TAD DOYLE To Release Solo Album ‘Incineration Ceremony’; Track Streaming, Pre-Order”

LOATHFINDER ‘The Great Tired Ones’ EP Review & Stream

Poland’s Loathfinder will release their new four-song EP, ‘The Great Tired Ones‘, on April 28th, via Godz ov War Productions. There are several one word descriptions that more than adequately relay the idea of what type of music this is. Yes, if you ask me, words such as “punishing“, “volatile“, “frightening” or “cataclysmic” all do rather nicely.      Continue reading “LOATHFINDER ‘The Great Tired Ones’ EP Review & Stream”