ALMOST HONEST Return With ‘Seiches And Sirens’ Album; New Single & Tour Dates

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It has been a little while since we last heard from Pennsylvania’s ALMOST HONEST, who we last covered in a review of their 2017 album release, ‘Thunder Mouth‘, HERE at Riff Relevant. 

I learned then what an amazing, unique musical entity this trio are, one that fluidly melds fuzzy, sludgy, stoner rock with punk and funk influences. What results from that formula is something that ALMOST HONEST – guitarist / vocalist Shayne Reed, bassist Seth Jackson, and drummer Quinten Spangle – refer to as “groovy sexy Viking funk doom rock”.

Today, ALMOST HONEST reveals more of it is coming by means of their sophomore studio album, ‘Seiches And Sirens‘, set to arrive March 22nd via Electric Talon Records. But wait, there’s more! Along with this news, we are sharing the album details and artwork (created by Francesca Vecchio), and the swaggering first single to surface from the recording, “Keystone“.

The band commented on the song, saying:

Keystone was written in the harsh weather of a PA winter. The winter where it hurts to go outside because it’s so cold. That weather and just seeing its effect on local day-to-day life really took hold on us. We tried to capture what makes it so brutal and put it into a song. Normally our songs are all fun and games but once you experience cold like this, then you’ll understand.”


Track list:

01. Fools Gold Flesh
02. Keystone
03. Interstellar Executive
04. Whale Bones
05. Dancing Shaman And The Psychedelic Cactus
06. Stonecutter
07. Jenny Greenteeth
08. Call Of The Mothman
09. Wiwadvhv
10. Uproot

Seiches And Sirens‘ was produced by Gary Conahan at Lancaster’s Dynamo Audio and finds ALMOST HONEST picking up from where ‘Thunder Mouth’ left off. Tightly packed with deep grooves, fuzz-fattened riffs, and battering rhythmic output, the upcoming album is sure to convert countless new fans to the camp of ALMOST HONEST. ‘Seiches And Sirens‘ will be available on CD and digital formats from Electric Talon Records on March 22nd.

ALMOST HONEST 2019 Live Dates:

  • Feb. 22nd @ Midtown Arts Ctr., Harrisburg, PA. – Millennium Music Conference & Showcase (w/Decipher Life, Meka Nism, Defiant, Traverse The Abyss, Forgotten Oath) [info]
  • Mar. 22nd @ JB Lovedraft’s MicroPub, Harrisburg, PA. – Album Release Show (w/Witch Hazel, The Ancient Stone) [info]
  • Mar. 23rd @ The Pinch, Washington, D.C. (w/The Druids, Sorge, Stump Devils) [info]
  • Mar. 30th @ Black Forge Coffee House, Pittsburgh, PA. (w/Serpent Lord, JakeTheHawk, Ugly Blondes) [info]
  • Mar. 31st @ 123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown, W. Va. (w/Wax Brain, Hill Giant, Mountain Sludge Revival) [info]
  • Apr. 26th @ Cherry Street Station, Wallingford, CT. (w/VRSA, Undercliff, Red Mantis) [info]
  • Apr. 27th @ 13th Floor Music Lounge, Florence, MA. (w/Jeopardy, Red Mantis, TBA) [info]


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