ABRAHMA “Lost Forever” Video From ‘In Time For The Last Rays Of Light’ Album

Photo By: Amandine Loss
Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

It has been nearly four years since France’s ABRAHMA released their second album,Reflections In The Bowels Of A Bird‘, back in May 2015.

Three of those years were rather tumultuous times for the band, ones where an individual’s personal challenges and band personnel changes both ravaged ABRAHMA as an entity. From them came a cathartic process of dealing with loss and mental illness taking the form of writing songs for an eventual third studio album, but not before vocalist and guitarist Sébastien Bismuth split with the band’s earlier lineup. Returning to his home in Rouen, Bismuth befriended a local band, Splendor Solis, whose members would soon become the new incarnation of ABRAHMA.

The revitalized band now announces this month’s arrival of their third full-length album, ‘In Time For The Last Rays Of Light‘, via Small Stone Records worldwide and Deadlight Entertainment in France. Insight to the album reveals it seeks to cope with the depression that inspired it by instilling a soaring sense of hope while reminding that the darkness beneath is ever-present.

This reality is tackled head-on in the new single and its official video (directed by Michael Leclere) arriving in advance of the album’s release, “Lost Forever“. Sébastien Bismuth was eager to share the following details of the song saying:

‘Lost Forever’ unequivocally deals with depression, so I wanted to evoke identity quest as a parry to nothingness; when you lose yourself into the wilderness and have to draw in your own resources, facing yourself and looking after your animus, finding the strength to fight for things that may seem meaningless. Moving slowly toward an inextricable death, whether you do it to get a little more time or to find epiphany as a last shield before the abyss. We keep scattering pieces of ourselves through our constant efforts to stay alive. It’s like dying a little more each time. And it’s what will get us in the end.

He continues:

People do not take mental illness seriously. People suffering from depression generally feel rejected, and it is not only a feeling. People who’ve never gone through it generally do not understand how hard it can be to live every day with this weight on your shoulders, all those questions going through your head.

In Time For The Last Rays Of Light‘ was produced and mixed at Orgone Studios by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Candlemass, Ghost), and is adorned with front and back cover images by famed French artist Gustave Doré (1832-1883).

It will be released on May 24th on CD and digital formats worldwide via Small Stone Records, and in France from Deadlight Entertainment. For pre-orders visit this LINK.



01. Lost.Forever.
02. Lucidly Adrift
03. Eclipse Of The Sane Pt.1: Isolation Ghosts
04. Dusk Contemplation…
05. …Last Epistle
06. Wander In Sedation
07. Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 2: Fiddler Of The Bottle
08. There Bears The Fruit Of Deceit

In keeping with the album’s theme, a portion of the merchandise proceeds from ABRAHMA‘s next tours will go to help those suffering from mental illness. Clearly, the issue is one that Sébastien Bismuth is not only passionate about but is determined to educate others on, as he closed with the following:

I decided to use this album as a medication against this depression and maybe help other people in this situation. Each song explains a different side of it: loss of confidence, other’s critical looks, the impression of not having a place in this world.”

Sébastien Bismuth – Vocals, guitar, effects
Florian Leguillon – Guitar, backing vocals
Benoît Carel – Guitar, synth, backing vocals
Romain Hauduc – Bass, backing vocals
Baptiste Keriel – Drums, backing vocals


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