Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Next up on my Top Must-See Acts for the upcoming Riff Relevant co-sponsored MARYLAND DOOM FEST 2019ones that I have previously never seen live – has ties to the band featured in this series’ first segment last week.

WARHORSE was spotlighted of course, and in that piece, there is mention that the band’s original guitarist, Krista Van Guilder, would be performing with her own current band. Yes, that is none other than BENTHIC REALM, the next act to land in no particular order on said list. The Massachusetts-based band was formed in 2016 and consists of Krista and her bandmates, Maureen Murphy (bass) and Dan Blomquist (drums).

Together, this trinity creates imposing and altogether crushing, doom heaviness that possesses intriguing aural dynamics despite its sullen-centered nature. To their credit, the cast of BENTHIC REALM augments the undeniable doom foundations of their music with metallic guitar riffs, groove generating rhythms, and animated drumming. Nothing like many of their peers’ output of sludgy, muddy quagmires of undistinguishable density, these three wield a sound that is textural and touches upon a wide spectrum of styles.



From elements of traditional doom and classic metal to more atmospheric textures, many that result from the band’s powerful, soaring vocals, there is no mystery as to why BENTHIC REALM makes my list. Besides, if you have heard their official releases, 2018’s ‘We Will Not Bow‘ [review], and 2017’s self-titled EP, then you should already know why they would appeal to anyone that has not seen them live. I haven’t of course, yet I plan to rectify that when BENTHIC REALM plays at Guido’s Speakeasy on Day 1 of The Maryland Doom Fest.

MARYLAND DOOM FEST will take place in Frederick, MD. June 20th – 23rd at side-by-side venues Cafe 611 and Guido’s Speakeasy. There is still ample time to make plans and go subject yourself to four days of doom that you will never forget, assuming you survive, that is.

Find all pertinent MARYLAND DOOM FEST 2019 news and details at their official website.

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