BRETUS New “Cosmic Crow” Video Off ‘Aion Tetra’ Album

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

BRETUS, the incredible vintage doom inspired band from Italy, reveal their fourth studio album is currently in progress and expected to arrive this Fall.

Aion Tetra‘ will  be the band’s first recording for their new home label, Ordo MCM, and serves as the follow-up to their 2017 outing, ‘…From The Twilight Zone‘ (review). The album artwork, created by the artist Ergot and featuring graphics from Vivi Brown, is included here today along with some album details. Things do not end there, however, as the first single to surface from the record, “Cosmic Crow“, arrives in the form of the band’s newest official video clip.



01. The Third Mystic Eye
02. Priests Of Chaos
03. Prisoner Of The Night
04. Aion Tetra
05. Deep Space Voodoo
06. The Mark Of Evil
07. Cosmic Crow
08. Fields Of Mars
09. The City Of Frost

The track shared today does provide a fantastic inroad to the stylistic approach one might expect on the ‘Aion Tetra‘ contents. The predecessor to this outing, ‘…From The Twilight Zone‘ mentioned above, found BRETUS exploring a much cleaner type of vocal delivery. That methodology also flowed over to the quartet’s music, as well as overall sound quality via production standards. It made for more traditional doom musical fare and the “Cosmic Crow” single seems to be continuing both that process and approach. Listen to the song for yourself in the official video below.

BRETUS‘ new recording for Ordo MCM, ‘Aion Tetra‘, will be available September 27th on CD and vinyl formats.

Ghenes (High/Low Guitars)
Zagarus (Vocals)
Janos (Bass)
Striges (Drums)

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