Exclusive: REDSCALE Premieres “The Hard Rain” Off ‘Feed Them To The Lions’ Album

Article: Leanne Ridgeway

Hailing from the riff-capital of Germany (Berlin), heavy stoner rockers REDSCALE are set to release their new, sophomore full-length album.

Feed Them To The Lions‘ is due out on July 19th, 2019, from Karma Conspiracy Records. Eight well-rounded, melodic, and atmospheric tunes with bite. The band spans multiple genres, primarily heavy rock, stoner rock, and metal, with dashes of the blues and psych for a versatile sound that leaves a powerful impression.

From the band on the new album:

“In an ever increasing climate of doom, with dark omens of fire and brimstone, we can feel the spectre of our demise creeping around our doorstep. But reflecting on humanity’s misdeeds, the violence, greed and oppression… is impending ruin really so bad? Maybe we should welcome the long overdue reckoning with open arms and let a real rain come, to clean the slate.”

Lyrically, the songwriting themes range from the political to the personal; covering tyranny, empire, war, and impending doom as well as the struggles, fears, and coping mechanisms exhibited by the individual who finds themself increasingly at odds with a modern world slowly regressing.

Have a listen to our exclusive premiere of their latest track, “The Hard Rain“, off ‘Feed Them To The Lions‘:

(If SoundCloud eventually stops streaming the premiere embed, use the Bandcamp embed below.)


“The enemy is at the gates, the wolves are at the door.” REDSCALE continues. “The many-headed beast looms on the horizon, our freedom and prosperity under constant threat. To fight, to bring freedom and justice to the world our righteous duty. Or so we are made to believe. Every action taken seems to only make it worse, for every head cut off another grows in its stead. And so we are being kept in a perpetual state of war and strife, almost as if that was the idea all along…”




01. Feed Them to the Lions
02. Hydra
03. Unstuck in Time
04. The Hard Rain
05. Bells of War
06. Cold Dawn
07. Ashes
08. Phoenix

Feed Them To The Lions‘ was written and performed by the band. Recorded by Jan Oberg at Hidden Planet Studio and Roland “Role” Wiegner at Tonmeisterei, with mix and mastering by Role Wiegner. The cover artwork is by Sepsyz Art. You can also hear their previously released track “Hydra” below. The album is available for pre-order HERE or via Bandcamp.


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