ALCHEMICAL WAKE Shares “Noctua” Single Off ‘Cassiopea’ Album

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Five years into their existence as a musical duo melding fuzz enriched sludge, psych-doom, and dark stoner rock, Italy’s ALCHEMICAL WAKE prepare to release their first full-length.

Cassiopea‘ will arrive August 30th from Argonauta Records, and is expected to deliver highly innovative songs with deeply resounding effects. Today, the band is sharing the album cover artwork, track-list details, and the first single to be revealed, “Noctua“.

In the song’s contents, we find a hypnotically flowing discharge of thick, enthralling riffs, quaking rhythmic engagements, and inserts of minimal, airy vocals. An alluring song that entices the listener to ride its waves of cosmic broadness, “Noctua” is a song inspired by the owl constellation. In fact, the whole album is conceptually dedicated to the celestially based constellations within outer space.

Elevate yourself into the “Noctua” realm of heavenliness by streaming the YouTube audio clip below. ALCHEMICAL WAKE‘s ‘Cassiopea‘ will descend from Argonauta Records on August 30th. Further information on pre-order and more expected soon.


‘Cassiopea’ Tracklist:

01. Libra
02. Noctua
03. Orion
04. Andromeda


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