A’PRIORI Reviving Rock ‘N Roll Via “I Feel Alive” Video

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The rock and roll revival that is the unhinged three-piece of pure jam fury, A’PRIORI, announce the release of their latest single, “I Feel Alive“.

The track is accompanied by the official video for the song, the third to arrive from the band’s upcoming album release, ‘Black Church‘. The latest visualizer follows those previously presented for the title track “Black Church” and the explosive song that introduced people outside of Ireland to the trio, “Better Man” (streaming below).

If you happen to be encountering A’PRIORI for the first time here today, you had best prepare yourself for the experience. This devout trinity of instrument bearing evangelicals – Tony Lang (lead vocal, guitar), Mouse (drums, backing vocals), and Mark Stuart (keyboard, backing vocals) – place their faith in the power of rock and roll. With an electrifying spirit coursing through their veins, these lads praise the glory of the guitar, keys, and drums in such a way that it is impossible to quench.

With soulful aplomb intact and the high horsepower of funk under the hood, A’PRIORI cut loose in a way only they can with “I Feel Alive“. Driven by its organic riffs and animated rhythms, plus the superbly soulful vocals gracing the number, it is easy to fathom why this band represents the hope of rock music.

The video clip for “I Feel Alive” was directed and produced by Shaun Hodson of Loki Films. Check it out now and keep an eye out for updates on the nearing arrival of the ‘Black Church‘ album from A’PRIORI.



See A’PRIORI perform live at these upcoming events:

Nov. 06 – Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK @ Trillians (w/ Age Of Reflection)
Nov. 07 – Lincolnshire, UK @ Yardbirds Rock (w/ Age Of Reflection)


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