KATATONIA Debuts “Lacquer” Single Off ‘City Burials’ Album


Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The Swedish maestros of melancholic musicality, KATATONIA, announced they will release their new album, ‘City Burials‘, on April 24th via Peaceville Records.

As beloved emissaries of emotionally evocative, enigmatic expressions of sorrow and suffering set to powerful audio works, KATATONIA are second to none. Since the band’s formation in 1991 (longer if you count their time as Melancholium some four years prior), their name has become synonymous with the presenting of profound extollments on loss and ruin.

Though this characteristic will not change, ‘City Burials‘ is said to find KATATONIA taking themselves in an all-new musical direction. Part a return to their roots and part a triumphant, forward-thinking move towards pristine progressive metal, the new album is one of the most important modern works and statements to date for KATATONIA.


Katatonia City Burials

01. Heart Set To Divide
02. Behind The Blood
03. Lacquer
04. Rein
05. The Winter Of Our Passing
06. Vanishers
07. City Glaciers
08. Flicker
09. Lachesis
10. Neon Epitaph
11. Untrodden

Within its eleven epic movements, the band reclaims part of their heavy metal roots via moments of exuberant, old-school grandeur. These are interspersed and seeded throughout the kaleidoscopic variations of this most finely-honed instrumentation. To discover the very latest multi-textured manifestation of unparalleled, crestfallen distinction, visit “Lacquer” (streaming below), the first audio single to be shared from the upcoming new album from KATATONIA.

City Burials‘ will be released on CD, deluxe media book CD with bonus tracks, black and colored vinyl LPs with a bonus track, and digital streaming as of April 24th from Peaceville Records. Pre-order is active now. You can see KATATONIA in the U.S. this summer at the Psycho Las Vegas festival on August 14th – 16th, 2020.

Jonas Renkse – vocals
Anders Nyström – guitar
Niklas Sandin – bass
Daniel Moilanen – drums
Roger Öjersson – guitar



Psycho Las Vegas 2020

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