OUR COMMON SENSE Unveil “Hammer Of Witches” Video

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Belgium’s multifaceted bringers of able-bodied groove and aggression, OUR COMMON SENSE, return with a new single and official video.

Hammer Of Witches” is the first audio example of where the band is now musically at, the track hailing from an upcoming EP release, ‘Harbinger Of Calamity‘. The performance video for the single was shot live by Sam Baguet at the Roadkill Festival 2019, then mixed and mastered by Baguet at Re-Amp Studio (NL). The ‘Harbinger Of Calamity‘ EP  is currently in production and expected to arrive later this year.

Today’s song presentation via official video delivers a caustic battering, achieved through metallic post-hardcore music rife with anguished death metal vocals. With tinges of psychedelic hues inserted for good measure, OUR COMMON SENSE clearly display their knack for creative songwriting with “Hammer Of Witches“. This comes as no surprise to people familiar with the quintet, consisting of vocalist Thomas De Wispelaere, bassist Jelle Beatslé, drummer Glenn Thienpont, and guitarists Seppe Beatslé and Stijn Beeckman.

Riff Relevant reviewed the band’s introductory ‘Mankind’s Worst To Know‘ EP release [HERE] in 2018, where we discovered their talents for ourselves. If you missed that release, or find you like today’s latest from OUR COMMON SENSE and would like more, that début is available currently as an NYP – Name Your Price – download at their Bandcamp [link].

Enjoy the newly unveiled “Hammer Of Witches” video from OUR COMMON SENSE, while further details of the ‘Harbinger Of Calamity‘ EP are expected to arrive soon.


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