Premiere: HUANASTONE “She’s Always” Single Off ‘Stone From The Sun’

Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

Malmö, Sweden-based stoner and fuzz rock unit, HUANASTONE, have announced the release of their sophomore album, entitled ‘Third Stone from the Sun‘. Today we have a premiere of their video for the latest single “She’s Always“.

Third Stone from the Sun‘ will be coming out in May via Argonauta Records, with many more details and news to be revealed in the days ahead from the label. You can also hear their first single “Bad Blood” streaming from Bandcamp.

Each of HUANASTONE‘s records tells a new story and opens up new opportunities for exploration, while the band is creating an authentic, heartfelt, and ominous sound backed up by steady riffs, big fuzz, and heavy grooves. Following their critically acclaimed debut EP [here] and first full-length album [here], HUANASTONE emphasize the importance of live studio recordings, and so it goes for ‘Third Stone from the Sun‘.

“We’ve received lots of love and great feedback for our latest single “Bad Blood”, but we still have one more single to release and today is the day, ‘She’s Always’ is out finally out on every major streaming platform.” The band comments further:

“‘She’s Always’ is a song about the struggle with addictions. The inner demons that leads you to euphoria, taking the shape of what you love / desire the most to make it harder to resist. How they in a matter of seconds can take you from total bliss and control, to utter chaos and despair. Sometimes a necessary evil to make you coop with the world we live in today. Inspired by true events that has happened and still going on.”

Listen to the brand new single, “She’s Always“, by HUANASTONE below in video format, plus their recent single via Bandcamp.



Filip Larsson – Bass
Tobias Gonzalez – Vocals, Guitar
Carl Lambertus Olofsson – Guitar
Victor Hansson – Drums

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