EN MINOR “Blue” Single Off ‘When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out’ Album

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Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

EN MINOR, the self-described “depression-core” musical project of the multi-faceted Phillip Anselmo (DOWN, Pantera, Scour) will return this summer via a full-length debut album.

Entitled ‘When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out‘, it will arrive September 4th from Anselmo’s own Housecore Records in the U.S. and via Season Of Mist in Europe. Expectations are for the record’s contents to stylistically mirror the two-song, eponymous ‘En Minor‘ 7″ released in 2019. The realization of this music has been nearly a lifelong labor of love for Phil Anselmo personally, with some of the material dating back to when he wrote it at nine years old.

No stranger to band dynamics, Anselmo aligned himself with a host of accomplished musicians and friends, including Jimmy Bower (EyeHateGod, Down, ex-Crowbar), Stephen Taylor (Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Wovenhand, 16 Horsepower), Kevin Bond (Christ Inversion, Artimus Pyledriver), Calvin and Joiner Dover (The Dover Brothers), and Steve Bernal (former Temple Symphony Orchestra first cellist) as the primary band. For those already familiar with EN MINOR, the band is a stark contrast to Anselmo’s usual aural expeditions in such acts as DOWN, Superjoint, Scour, and, of course, the one he is most famously connected to, Pantera.

If you somehow managed to miss EN MINOR altogether, until now, you stand on the verge of a most unique listening experience. That claim is made even more significant by the realization that this is wholly emotion-oriented music. While that’s not anything entirely new, here those emotions are somber and melancholic. Let’s see if we cannot drive that point home here and now.

With the revelation of the upcoming album release from EN MINOR, ‘When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out‘, we include the album artwork and details. Accompanying these is the album’s second song, “Blue“, about which Anselmo states:

We picked ‘Blue’ to release first because it features the whole band, as some songs don’t have percussion. Also, the title of the record, ‘When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out’, is from a line in the song. Very fitting and haunting.”

EN MINOR‘s ‘When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out was recorded and mixed at Anselmo’s Nodferatu’s Lair Studio on the Northshore outside New Orleans, Louisiana, and is available in CD, LP, digitally, and varied bundles. It will see release in North America on September 4th via Housecore Records, in Europe via Season Of Mist, and in Japan from Ward Records.

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01. Mausoleums
02. Blue
03. On The Floor
04. Dead Can’t Dance
05. Love Needs Love
06. Warm Sharp Bath Sleep
07. Melancholia
08. This Is Not Your Day
09. Black Mass
10. Hats Off
11. Disposable For You


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