Exclusive: STONE DEAF Premieres “Polaroid” Single Off ‘((Killers))’ Album

Article by: Leanne Ridgeway

New Castle, Colorado’s STONE DEAF has steadily produced a fusion of melodic sounds that pound your brain into an atmosphere hovering between the airy cool of desert rock and smoky stoner thickness, with a surprising sucker punch of beatnik punk rock.

Formed in 2014, they’ve already released three records – a debut full-length ‘Stone Deaf‘ (January 2015), their sophomore album ‘Royal Burnout (May 2018), and in the same year ‘The Bobby Peru EP‘ (June 2018)

Their fourth record and third full-length, ‘((Killers))’,  is slated for a late summer 2020 release – more specifically on Friday, August 14th – via Coffin & Bolt Records. Today we’re honored to present a premiere of the band’s new single “Polaroid” from that upcoming ‘((Killers))’ album, with its video presentation below. Some hype from guitarist and vocalist Dust Chapin about the new “Polaroid” single:

“Put that shoe horn down cause those boots are stayin’ on and scootin’ over to the dance floor for Stone Deaf’s latest toe-tapper. With more hooks than Tyson, ‘Polaroid’ is an auditory strip tease you can’t turn away from.”

With slightly unnerving, yet beautiful album cover photography by Matt Hall, the band invites you to take a ride with them in their third full-length album ‘((Killers))‘.



01. Cloven Hoof
02. Polaroid
03. Death Ray
04. Gone Daddy Gone
05. The Velvet Hammer
06. Snake Oil
07. Tightrope
08. Pink Robots
09. Silverking
10. San Pedro Winter

Travel down a long, dark stretch of never-ending highway, picking up frenzied hitchhikers along the way. Telling tales of an oasis covered with velvet, giant centipedes, and a dark carnival with a fiery past. Inspired by a backdrop of writers such as David Lynch, William S. Burroughs, and Hunter Thompson, ‘((Killers))‘ is a dark, toe-tapping soundtrack to life in the Interzone.

Releasing in full on August 14th, 2020, the album will be available as a digital download or stream via Bandcamp, as well as in physical format via Digipak CD. Order HERE.

There is currently an exclusive ‘((Killers))‘ Pre-order Bundle package available that includes the digital download and CD, along with a special T-shirt. Click the image below to order the Pre-order Bundle or HERE.



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