MOS GENERATOR Announces ‘The Plundering Of The Vaults’ + Split LP w/ DI’AUL

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Once again, we have a double announcement for two new releases from MOS GENERATOR. One is a split album due in September and two is a new digital release we just found out about on Wednesday.

With their last lengthy tour completed in late 2018 (along with a short run of dates with Clutch in Fall 2019), MOS GENERATOR has since spent the past 18 months completing many projects that were on the back burner due to touring. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have Tony Reed a part of your band, being an audio engineer with his own recording studio for the majority of his lifetime.

The band released a nearly overwhelming amount of music in 2019 alone, with the live ‘Night Of The Lords‘ (May 2019) in the Devil’s Child Records‘ Bootleg Series, a remastered version of ‘The Late Great Planet Earth Suite‘ (Sept. 2019), the ‘Exiles‘ EP of recording leftovers, outtakes, and covers (Oct. 2019), and the full jam session LP ‘Spontaneous Combustions‘ (Dec. 2019).

Now well into 2020, so far they’ve put out a teaser cover (June 2020) for a future Glory Or Death Records series ‘Bow To Your Masters Vol 2: Deep Purple‘, a split 7″ single ‘Covering Queen‘ (July 2020) with Void Vator, the ‘Strange Powers…’ (July 2020) vinyl-only LP showcase of songs from their Listenable Records releases, and – barely a few weeks ago – news of an upcoming special 12″ EP ‘I’ve Got Room In My Wagon‘ via H42 Records, plus more in the works.

That ‘in the works’ part continues today with a new 16-song MG compilation ‘The Plundering of the Vaults – Series One: The Vinyl Singles‘ coming straight from MOS GENERATOR directly. This one is strictly for the fans, as a completely remastered set of rarities compiled from the band’s lengthy list of limited vinyl singles that sold out long ago. This gives all those who missed a chance at the vinyl a way to now own and hear these remarkable songs.


03. STEP UP (demo)
05. LONELY ONE KENOBI (single edit)
06. WE’RE GONNA GROOVE (Live at Roadburn)
09. WICKED WILLOW (version 1: demo)
11. VOL. 4 (Golden Pig Electric Blues Band)
13. TRACKS (Tall Bodies) (Chelsea Wolfe)
14. ANTHEM (Rush)
15. GAMMA / HYDRA (demo)
16. DANCE OF RED a) Dance of Maya b) Red (Mahavishnu Orchestra / King Crimson)

The details on this huge list of songs and future plunderings come from Tony Reed:

“This is the first installment in a series of downloads that features rare, out of print, or unreleased Mos Generator music from the last 20 years. ‘Series One: The Vinyl Singles’ is a collection of all of the MG 7″ singles from 2007 – 2017, including the ultra rare Record Store Day 7” and the equally rare Lathe cut single.

The next volumes in the series will more than likely be the 12” EPs and split releases, including the Electric/Nomads demos LP. Then studio tracks that have been added on to some of our re-issues as bonus tracks. After that, maybe more demos (there are tons!) and some live shows from 2001-2019. This is a lot of work, but I think it’s great to have all of this material neatly cataloged and all in the same place. 

We almost always put strange and unusual songs on our singles so this is a very interesting ride. Each track also has detailed liner notes about the release that it came from. Nerd stuff.”

The Plundering of the Vaults – Series One: The Vinyl Singles‘ from MOS GENERATOR will be available on digital download/stream in time for August 2020’s “Bandcamp Friday” – where Bandcamp generously waives their fees on all music sales in support of music artists, so all monies from purchases on the site go entirely to the bands.

Celebrate Bandcamp Friday with MOS GENERATOR on August 7th.



Mos Generator

But again… there’s more!

MOS GENERATOR has teamed up with Italy‘s doom rock heavyweights DI’AUL for the release of a 5-track split LP via Argonauta Records.

Says Mos Generator mastermind, Tony Reed, about the upcoming record:

“The plundering of the Vaults continues with three demos recorded between May 2014 and June 2018. All three of these songs were recorded live in our rehearsal space and then layers were added later in the studio. There are a few interesting things about these songs. First, they are loosely arranged ideas that were only played two or three times before we recorded them, and I think that is what helps give them the raw edge that they have.

And two, there is a crossover of band line-ups. On the Pink Floyd cover ‘Fearless’, original drummer Shawn Johnson is playing with second line-up bassist Sean Booth. That has happened before with other configurations and I enjoy it. Someday I would like to record with both rhythm sections at once.”

Ever since their inception in 2010, DI’AUL, who is no longer one of Italy’s best-kept doom metal and hard rock secrets, strive a distinctive, heavy yet catchy sound. After a decade of shows across Europe and four albums to date, DI’AUL has grabbed the chance to team up with one of the best rock bands of our time: MOS GENERATOR.

“We saw them live with Saint Vitus during their European tour, completely astonished from their sound, MoMo and Rex decided to write a message to Mr. Tony Reed and ask him to make a record together. And so it is!”

DI’AUL recorded two brand new songs in a one-day session with longtime friends and producers Federico Lino and Alessio Massara of the Iron Ape Studio in Vigevano (Pavia – Italy), then mastered at HeavyHead Recording Co. by Tony Reed himself.



A Side: Mos Generator – ‘Plundering of the Vaults: Vol II
01. I Spoke to Death
02. The Paranoid
03. Fearless (Pink Floyd Cover)

B Side: Di’Aul
01. The House on the Edge of the World
02. Three Ladies

The split will be available on vinyl-only on September 25th, 2020. Order at this location:  Argonauta Records


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