CORTEZ New Album ‘Sell The Future’ Due This Fall Via Ripple Music; Official Video

Article by: Leanne Ridgeway

Boston heavy rock and metal five-piece CORTEZ announce the release of their upcoming third album ‘Sell The Future.The album is due out this October on Ripple Music and today they unleashed a riff-driven new video for the song “Look At You.

With the precision of heavy metal, the soul of classic rock, and the unbridled attitude of a band who care less about your expectations than they do about writing kick-ass, drive-fast, dynamic, hugely-grooved, hugely melodic, and expansive tunes, CORTEZ arrive at their third album with a well-earned sense of freedom in their approach. It isn’t about what style they play or the genre niche you want to fit them in — it’s about the crawling sleek of the title-track, the crash of drums in “Sharpen the Spear,” and the urgency of songs like opener “No Escape” and “Look at You.

The future is fast, the future is sharp, and the future has already been sold, baby, so you missed your shot. Better luck next time. Boston heavy rockers CORTEZ have always embodied an underdog spirit, from their 2007 debut EP, ‘Thunder in a Forgotten Town‘, through their 2012 self-titled debut LP and 2017’s ‘The Depths Below‘, but they’ve never sounded as supercharged as they do on ‘Sell the Future‘.

New album ‘Sell the Future‘ is a record of and for turbulent times, but its working themes aren’t so pointed as to sound already dated in the fast-moving, unending “No Escape“-is-right news cycle the universe seems to inhabit. As much as the band has come into their own operating as the five-piece of vocalist Matt Harrington, guitarists Scott O’Dowd and Alasdair Swan, bassist / backing vocalist Jay Furlo, and drummer Alexei Rodriguez, their dedication to classic, timeless rock and roll songwriting is unflinching.



01. No Escape
02. Sell The Future
03. Look At You
04. Faulty Authors
05. Deceivers
06. Sharpen The Spear
07. Vanishing Point
08. Beyond

After taking part in Ripple Music’s ‘The Second Coming of Heavy‘ split series in 2018, CORTEZ has pushed themselves even further with ‘Sell the Future‘, finding a passion and instrumental fury that comes through regardless of tempo and makes their songs all the more memorable. Whatever the days ahead might bring, CORTEZ stands ready.

The upcoming album ‘Sell The Future‘ was recorded and engineered by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios. Have a listen/watch the new video for the first single “Look At You” below. The album will see an October 23rd release on Ripple Music, and can be pre-ordered in the following formats:

– Rare Test Press vinyl
– Worldwide Edition Classic Black Vinyl LP
– Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl LP (150 copies)
– CD and digital

North America | Europe


Matt Harrington – Vocals
Scott O’Dowd – Guitar
Alasdair Swan – Guitar
Jay Furlo – Bass, Vocals
Alexei Rodriguez – Drums

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