PEYOITE ‘Green’ EP Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor,

From Chandler, Québec comes the superb instrumental psyche/stoner/doom offering, the “Green” EP, from Peyoite.  

‘Green‘ consists of three songs from the two-man band that results in one fantastic short player. Thomas Babin and David Dupuis have a firm handle on exploratory psychedelia that is bursting with dense fuzzicity and unrestrained heaviness.

From the hazy, melodic intro moments of “Fog“, this thing emits waves of phenomenal headiness. Fat bass lines rumble as trippy noodling reverberates all about, drums periodically crash to and fro. Intermittent waves of LSD-worthy music cradle you in a cocoon of weaving, winding atmospherics.

Those same quirky elements are reprised at the beginning of the following song, “Mountain Man“. The song is quite slowed down and doomier, while some seemingly tremolo-like, effects-heavy licks permeate the air. Heavy handed drum strikes deliver nail-driving percussion throughout, as well.

Dream Catcher“, the EP’s shortest song, at just under six minutes, emits a bit of haunting, more mysterious nuances right from the get go. Immensely distorted feedback provides a thick foundation for the lysergic-laden aural aspects that are then delivered upon it. At times the song, others as well, reach points where they teeter on the edge of funeral doom. However, the experimental nature ingrained within them keeps the psychedelic components always at the forefront.

Being Peyoite‘s debut release, the “Green” EP is a head-crushing delve into the truest state of psyche-fueled, fuzzened stoner doom. It will definitely require diehard fans of such to appreciate it, but if you do, then you are going to absolutely love this offering.

You can stream (and purchase) it now in a digital format via the Bandcamp embed below.

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