KOLOSSOR Self-Titled EP Review & “Pillars” Video

Kolossor EP

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From deep within the Garden State of New Jersey, comes an EP on unguarded musical anger and hate. Kolossor has clearly come to crush and obliterate with their recently issued three-song, self-titled EP début.

With former members of such bands as Wizard Eye (drummer Jerry Arsenault), Meatplow (bassist and vocalist Jay Barringer), and Swarm Of Arrows (guitarist and vocalist Greg Frisenda), you know that the skull-crushing is guaranteed.

Indeed it is, too, as the intro track “Bugbear’s Last Stand” rolls out a tempered barrage of stoner metal riffs and aggro vocals. A bit Post-Hardcore and Noise Rock in nature, the song traverses myriad tempos and intensities, at times growing furiously unchained. Other moments are presented less subtly, with a modicum of temperament and restraint.

Follow-up cut “Pillars” (video below) quickly reaches groove state and then alternates between nuances of Progressive Metal and Sludge. Melodic pre-choruses and bridges set you up for the kill, as the times of all-out sonic assault pummel you senseless.

The Kolossor crew reach maximum volatility on the EP-ending “Scourge” as an onslaught of riffs are gradually given reign. This tightly wound track is the stand-out of the EP for me personally, another one with melodic interludes offset by caustic heaviness.

Kolossor is here to engage the listener with a completely tidal wave-sized wall of sonic density, one that mercilessly washes over you. It bathes you in extremely massive, heavy music and leaves you awash with its reverberating effects.

You can experience this cleansing aural implementation via clicking play on the Bandcamp embedded audio stream of the Kolossor S/T EP below. The release is available on the Kolossor Bandcamp page as an NYP (Name Your Price) item, if you dare. For Fans Of Mastodon, Unsane and -(16)-.



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