MINDKULT Shares “Behold The Wraith” Single Off ‘Lucifer’s Dream’

Mindkult LP

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Mindkult, the one-man psych/ doom/ shoegaze project from the Commonwealth Of Virginia, will return withLucifer’s Dream‘ next month.

Set for release on Sept. 20th through Transcending Obscurity Records and Caligari Records, the new effort has created some intense anticipation. The multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producing force behind MindkultFowst, fueled a critical acclaim frenzy with last year’s offering, ‘Witch’s Oath’.

The early word comes that ‘Lucifer’s Dream’ will further cement the hype for Mindkult as one of the U.S.’ more intriguing music makers. The elements that inspired wide-ranging interest from the earlier effort are further explored with dynamic fullness on the new recording.

One need only listen to today’s track première of “Behold The Wraith” to experience the harrowing psychedelia being transmitted. In fact, we have also included the previously shared song “Nightmares” and the Official Video for “Howling Witch“, if you need further convincing.

Pre-order for Mindkult‘s ‘Lucifer’s Dream‘ are active now on the Mindkult Bandcamp page.





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