LARES ‘Mask Of Discomfort’ EP Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

The 6-song “Mask Of Discomfort” EP is the official debut from Berlin, Germany’s Lares, released back in May. The band is relatively new one, formed in 2015 and now poised to instill curiosity in music fans with their first studio recording. The quartet comprising the band are guitarist / vocalist Flavio, bassist Jörn, guitarist / synths Lambo and drummer Chris.

Lares have an intriguing sound to say the least, it is undeniably well-rooted in Stoner Psyche music but it doesn’t end there. Massive additions of Post-Rock, Doom, Ambient, Post-Hardcore, Black Metal and more give them quite a unique flavoring.

Each song spirals into far-reaching expanses of heady, heavy music laden with mind-expanding diversity. Harsh, discordant vocals rife with aggressive inflections slip themselves through each selection. Bottom heavy rhythms, tribal-like drums and unexpected lysergic touches will leave you gape-jawed but thoroughly impressed.

Stream Lares‘ debut, the “Mask Of Discomfort” EP, via the Bandcamp embed below. I think it will place a pleased visage on your own face, especially if you are a fan of such acts as early Voivod, Cynic or Old Lady Drivers.

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