STAHV S/T Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

If no one has ever utilized the descriptive, genre-defining term “Tripscape” in assessing some type of musical output before, well then I am laying claim to it here and now. See, that is about the best way I can condense and shortly summarize the melded elements of shoegaze, post-metal, doom, experimental, psychedelia, drone, and industrial inflections within STAHV.

In case you do not know, STAHV is the one word (meaning “autumn” in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic), one-man new project from multi-instrumentalist Solomon Arye Rosenschein aka Ari. As Ari, he is known for his participation within doom duo Teacher and folk-pop outfit The Royal Oui but STAHV is altogether something else entirely.

The unimaginative might call it noise, failing to grasp the complexities of these layered, texturally deep recesses of sonic surrealism. In doing so, they would miss the amazing transcendental emanations being transmitted, along with the interrelation connections made. I am referring to the ever-evolving infusion of myriad influences from the Middle Eastern (“Jardin Infinito“, “Djinn Rumi“) to the cinematic qualities of a short-but-stellar track like “The Test“.

It is when STAHV interjects the more proliferate, lysergic-imbued additions of Americana Alternative that I find myself most invested. Tracks like the at times upbeat “Forrest Dweller“, with its acoustic strings and twangy Country / Blues-ish affixations, are enthralling.

Those same elements are perhaps most prominent on my favorite selection of the seven here, the end piece, “Grüver“. Droning, repetitive loops, seeming out-of-place noises and oscillating sounds abound while a controlled careen toward something akin to futuristic blues builds.

I’m not entirely sure how this recording will match up to other instrumental output as it is kind of in a class all its own. Some folks just will not get it, that can be expected, but for those that are open to exploring compositions outside of the norm, this is one to indulge. Production is excellent while an abundance of diversity and unexpected influxes flow throughout this body of work. If absorbed properly, it will open your mind.

STAHV is out now and can be purchased on vinyl from Forbidden Place Records here or cassette here from Solid 7 Records.

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