Riff Relevant 2017 Releases: FISTULA’s Corey Bing Shares 5 Favorites

Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

The first time I heard Fistula, it scared the living hell out of me. This unnerving factor tends to spark my interest, in most cases, when it comes to music. Fistula is frightening. The name alone is disturbing if you don’t know what it refers to. When you discover what it does refer to, it’s 10 times more disturbing. That also sparked my interest.

Fistula recently released a series of splits via PATAC Records, which you can read about in our previous article here. Fistula records are the soundtrack to your road trip through the apocalypse, but the car’s on fire, the a/c croaked three days ago, the engine is spewing bile, and you were just hand-fed a live scorpion by your 100-years dead Great Uncle Charlie. It’s decrepit angst and every second of it is a glorious journey.

I asked Fistula guitarist Corey Bing if he wanted to contribute a list of his favorite 2017 music releases. Despite his gruesomely loud, volatile, hostile, beautifully threatening music, Mister Bing seems to be a fairly easy-going guy. Reserved, even. Potential is there for good times, but only if you let him punch you in the face first.

RiffRelevant.com presents to you Corey Bing’s Top Five of 2017! He included a quick snip on why he chose each of these five, and we have each album streaming for you. These are firm destruction to your aural psyche and that’s always a beautiful thing. – Leanne

1 – Contaminated – ‘Final Man
These Melbourne Mad Men completely destroy anything that’s out there. If you don’t have this record, you should just kill yourself. Now.


2 – Midnight – ‘Sweet Death and Ecstasy
I saw these guys this year, playing some of these songs. It was a crushing, very good time.


3 – Come to Grief – ‘Worst of Times
This album is amazingly depressing, weight of the world on your shoulders, crushing. Even in its short length.


4 – Hemdale – ‘Miley
Technically, this doesn’t get released yet and the Midnight stuff was recorded years ago, so who cares.


5 – Brain Famine – ‘Exploding Paranoid Universe
Do yourself a favor and get this CD. It’s amazing.

Many thanks to Corey Bing for sharing his favorites for the year (and other years), as well as to all of Fistula for sharing their music with the rest of us. – Leanne

Here is Fistula’s recent release, the -​(​16​)​- / FISTULA split EP.

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