WHITE DIABLO ‘Overdose’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Make a run for the border to Guadalajara, Mexico, if you must, to check out  White Diablo but I can save you a trip perhaps. That’s because we have the band’s début EP release, ‘Overdose‘, which dropped back in September 2017, in this review & stream spotlight today.

The trio within White Diablo, Carlos “Ciego” Sevilla (drums and vocals), Thomas Emmanuel (guitar and vocals), and King Morla (bass), wields a style of punk-infused, alt. rock-enhanced, hard desert rock. It’s energized, amped up, and laid out with a furious assault of fast-paced music, driving rhythms, and aggressive, mostly screaming type vocals. They’re offset with the periodic approach of trippy, airier ones at certain points though.

There are vibes of early Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana, or the Alternative Tentacles brand of music definitely at play here. The band pummels you with a seeming non-stop onslaught of furious audio. Wave after wave comes while they keep it careening about within the first three tracks here: “L.S.D.“, “Did You See What God Just Did To Us” and “Swing Between The Lines“.

The only point when the guys relent, and it is only by the most minor of fractions I believe, is the closing cut, “Autosabotage“. There’s a bit slower pacing in the verse sections that border on some doom nuances, but they’re brief and fleeting. It would appear that the band is all about speedier, angst-y deliveries and that’s just fine with me.

Check out the White DiabloOverdose‘ EP below where it is streaming via a Bandcamp embed. You too may find you are a speed freak punk rocker seeking a quick fix of off-the-rails rock and roll.

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