PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2018 – POOL PARTY Bands Confirmed; Festival Tickets On Sale Now

(By Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor,

Psycho Las Vegas recently announced their second round of bands have been confirmed, this time for the anticipated pre-fest Pool Party on Thursday, August 16th… 

This year’s Psycho Las Vegas Pre-Fest Pool Party acts includes a few prior year alumni.  Tickets for the pre-party and are extremely limited, and last I checked (earlier today), the organizers have announced that less than 1000 ‘Tier 1’ tickets remain (of 2500 total).

Psycho Las Vegas Tickets can be purchased HERE.  Once they are gone, they’re gone.  There will be ‘Tier 2’ level tickets available, but then you miss out on the bands set to play the Pool Party!

Another exciting addition to this announcement is that legendary artist ‘Dirty’ Donny Gillies will be included in the Psycho LV festivities.  Donny Gillies will be designing exclusive artwork for this year’s festival.

You can learn more about Dirty Donny’s works at his site [here].  Deemed to be one of the most influential artists to invade the pop culture scenes of the punk, rock, and metal underground, Dirty

Donny has been spreading his art across all mediums for decades.  His works range from skate decks to pinball machines, hot rods, and album covers for clients like Metallica, Vans, Stern Pinball and Snap-on Tools, to name a few.

Psycho Entertainment presents Psycho Las Vegas 2018 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and the Pre-Fest Pool Party includes the following bands:

♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ 

Wolves In The Throne Room


Young And In The Way

Fireball Ministry

Dengue Fever


With 70+ acts from around the globe and grand headliner still to be announced:


♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠︎ ♠ 

Many of the photos I had taken from the 2017 festival are being added to our new Riff Relevant Photo Galleries section, with many more coming as pages are finished.  You can check out what you’re in store for if attending the 2018 PsychoLV events.

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