SuuM Premiere Song From Upcoming ‘Buried Into The Grave’ Album

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

From Rome with Doom comes SuuM, a band connected to none other than Bretus’ own Marco Veraldi. He and his fellow SuuM cohorts are hard at work on their debut album titled “Buried Into The Grave“, which will arrive sometime later this year.

Much like Bretus, SuuM are avid explorers of the signature doom sound and heaviness. SuuM seem a bit more rooted in the traditional side of it, as is clearly evident on a track they recently premiered, “Tower Of Oblivion” (streaming below).

The song is a slower paced, hauntingly dense behemoth of massive riffs, rumbling rhythms and bombastic drumming. The vocals hearken back to those from the early age of progenitors in bleakness like Candlemass or Solitude Aeturnus.

Supremely dark and absolutely crushing, the song shared here is a wonderful introduction to SuuM. It clearly reveals their ability to craft epic, modern movements while paying tribute to doom’s past as well.

We will have more details on SuuM and their “Buried Into The Grave” album as they become available.

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