DELIVERANCE Returns With ‘The Subversive Kind’ In February; New Lyric Video

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Pioneering thrash metal legends Deliverance will return with their new album ‘The Subversive Kind‘ next month. It will be released jointly through Roxx Records and 3 Frogz Records on February 23rd.

The Los Angeles-based trailblazers of heavy metal from a Christian perspective are firing on all cylinders in 2018. They’ve augmented the band’s lineup since their last release, 2013’s ‘Hear What I Say!’, with founding guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Brown leading the charge. Beside him are returning original band member, guitarist Glenn Rogers, as well as bassist Victor Macias (ex-Tourniquet) and drummer Jim Chaffin (The Crucified, The Blamed). Guitarist Greg Minier contributed lead guitar work to the new record in the studio.

This is clearly one of the strongest line-ups that Deliverance has ever wielded, something addressed by Rogers:

After so many years touring and recording I was honored to be asked back in Deliverance! We have unfinished business, and with ‘The Subversive Kind’ coming out I hope the fans will rediscover what Big D is all about.

Jimmy Brown states: “After 33 years, the band has evolved and morphed throughout, but has returned to the roots of why we started doing this years ago!  The current lineup is a dream come true for me, and we can’t wait to bring it live.”

With ‘The Subversive Kind‘, Deliverance unleashes eight tracks of molten thrash and speed metal that is sure to amaze longtime fans of the band and new ones too. Early talk about the new record says it is a return to form for this pivotal band, one hearkening back to the days of 1989’s ‘Deliverance’ S/T and 1990’s landmark ‘Weapons Of Our Warfare’.

There are ways to validate such claims, of course, with the best being to allow the music to do the talking, as they say. That’s exactly what is happening today, as we share the stream of “The Black Hand” via the lyric video below.

It is an intense rager that elicited commentary from Jim and Jimmy both saying:

The Black Hand was one of the first tunes Jimmy and I hashed out together” says Chaffin. “His articulation of what a panic attack feels like was spot on. Mental illness is a major problem in our country and I’m stoked to be able to give people some hope through music.

Brown adds: “Anxiety has not been a hot button issue, but a condition that is still being studied to understand. ‘The Black Hand’ is a vivid description of vitals and emotions experienced in part by a person going through such a experience.”

Deliverance‘s ‘The Subversive Kind‘ will be available in differing formats, including CD, Vinyl (colored), and Digital. Here are links to each, pre-orders are active now at this location.

Red Vinyl – here |  Black Vinyl – here  | CD – here

The Subversive Kind‘ tracklist:
CD / Vinyl versions:

01. Bring’em Down
02. Concept Of The Other
03. Center Of It All
04. The Black Hand
05. Epilogue
06. Listen Closely
07. The Subversive Kind
08. The Fold


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