ZERESH ‘Sigh For Sigh’ EP Review & Streams

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The one woman project Zeresh recently released the ‘Sigh For Sigh‘ EP. The four-song effort is full of poignant music contained upon it, along with the intriguing, touching details of its inspiration and materializing.

See, Zeresh is the project of the singular person Tamar Singer (also of Cruel Wonders) and what she has crafted here is nothing short of profound. She found inspiration and creative solace in creating these songs as a lasting tribute to both sets of her now-deceased grandparents, maternal and paternal.

The songs themselves are dark, oft times haunting excursions into ambient, psychedelic folk, and depressive doom music. They are eerie and they are striking, they channel myriad emotions and they have a lasting effect long after they have stopped playing. The four aural manipulations in ethereal experimentation rendered here are: “O, Gather Me The Rose“, “Halls Grew Darker“, “Holy” and “Double Ballad Of Life And Death“.

In my opinion, the best way to thoroughly experience them is in one sitting, playing the entire album in one movement. Doing otherwise might run the risk of reducing the scarring effect that undergoing the entire EP surely has for this is heady, otherworldly fare. It transports you to other planes, helping you to escape this mortal coil and partaking in something much bigger elsewhere.

Should you be feeling a bit more adventurous than usual, or perhaps you too are pained or just seeking something transformative, I think this will punch your ticket. Find out for yourself via the Bandcamp embed of Zeresh‘s ‘Sigh For Sigh‘ here and with it, the official music visualizer for the song “O, Gather Me The Rose“.

Stream / purchase the ZereshSigh For Sigh‘ EP at this location.


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