SUNNATA Reveals ‘Outlands’ Album Details & Streams Title Track

(Pic Courtesy Of Krucza • Aleksandra Burska)
Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The return of Warsaw, Poland’s SUNNATA nears as they announce the upcoming self-release ‘Outlandsis due on March 23rd.

Fans of the band are excited to know that SUNNATA is about to unleash another wave of their unique ritualistic doom music. Catch that wave yourself with the premiere of the “Outlands” title track, streaming below via SoundCloud.

SUNNATA commented on the song’s importance, saying:

“We have chosen title track ‘Outlands’ because it lays right at the crossroads of all influences that made our new album’s sound. It’s a trance-inducing, shamanic journey with story about sacrifice of self as a way to reveal deeper truth behind it.

“The longer we worked on our third album, the more surprised with outcome we were. ‘Outlands’ was one of the first songs written and it definitely is a good representative of the new record. It shows the shift in our sound, that definitely pushed us more towards modern psychedelia merged with strong 90s influences and a bit of ritualism and doom in the background. We had over a year long journey with this material and we feel that it shows yet another face of Sunnata. We let ourselves loose to go with the flow. No boundaries. This is first taste of what happened. Open your mind and experience it.”

Szymon Ewertowski – vocals, guitar
Adrian Gadomski – vocals, guitar
Michal Dobrzanski – bass
Robert Ruszczyk – drums, percussion

01. Intro
02. Lucid Dream
03. Scars
04. Outlands
05. The Ascender
06. Gordian Knot
07. Falling (Interlude)
08. Hollow Kingdom

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