THE MARYLAND DOOM FESTIVAL 2018 – Sponsors Feature: Capitol Hemp

(By Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor,

The Maryland Doom Fest 2018 event tickets went on sale in December.  Riff Relevant has announced the lineup, a beautiful fest poster (artwork by Christina Christie), and of four primary festival sponsors (Riff Relevant included).  We invite you to learn a bit more about primary sponsor: CAPITOL HEMP.

Originally opened in Washington, D.C. in 2008, Capitol Hemp has quite the interesting background, and is by far not your average ‘head shop’.  They are a premiere hemp goods (clothing, art, and accessories) retail store in the District of Columbia.  Their original operation was out of a basement storefront of Washington, after a few years of legal battles (prior to legalization in D.C.), the store relocated to 1770 Columbia Road, NW, Washington, DC in August 2015.

Not only are they ‘not average’, they have long been involved in supporting the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes.  They’ve been successful, too.  Several years ago, co-owners Adam Eidinger and Alan Amsterdam led the efforts of the ‘DC Cannabis Campaign’ in 2014, and collected the signatures needed to place Initiative 71 on the ballot that year.  They received over 57,000 signatures, in fact. An overwhelming 64.87% of D.C. residents voted in favor of Ballot Initiative 71, and it was passed in early 2015.

Capitol Hemp
Capitol Hemp

Washington D.C. hemp-friendly residents have Capitol Hemp to thank as some of the very reasons that helped to somewhat decriminalize marijuana in the District, as this ballot initiative “allows retailers in the District of Columbia to sell products that can be explicitly used for the consumption, processing, and cultivation of cannabis”, among other legislation.   You can read more about their efforts [here].

Aside from the Hemp-factor, Capitol Hemp also enjoys attending music events in the D.C. and surrounding Mid-Atlantic areas. This includes attending last year’s Maryland Doom Fest, as well as hosting their own music events in D.C.  Capitol Hemp is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and are hosting an event on (when else?) 4/20.  You can find more about the event here:  ::Capitol Hemp 10th Anniversary Show::

Find Capitol Hemp on:  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

Maryland Doom Fest 2018 is a little less than four months away, so check out the lineup below and go by your tickets!  With more than THIRTY acts over its three days, the headliners include legends The Obsessed and Weedeater, as well as Windhand.

Taking place once again at Cafe 611, in Frederick, Maryland, with 2018’s Doom Fest happening June 22nd through 24th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Riff Relevant shared much info about Maryland Doom Fest 2017, both before and after the event (past MD Doom Fest articles here), and are also a primary sponsor for 2018.  We’ll have another update for the lineup soon, along with some info on a MD Doom Fest sponsored free show at Guido’s across the street during the festival days.

More photos from MD Doom Fest 2017 performances are also coming [see 2017 behind the scenes at MD Doom Fest].  The entire festival roster is listed on the poster below and ticket links are here:

Full Fest – All Days / Day 1 (6/22 only) / Day 2 (6/23 only) / Day 3 (6/24 only)


The Maryland Doom Fest Primary Sponsors:

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