CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL ‘Science Fiction’ Album Review

Church Of The Cosmic Skull Science Fiction

Article By: Brian Halsey ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Church of the Cosmic Skull release their second studio album ‘Science Fiction’ this May on limited edition heavyweight vinyl, CD (via Kozmik Artifactz), and limited edition cassette (on Septaphonic).

In the 1970s some awesome guy named Father Yod orchestrated one of the greatest bro-moves in the history of humankind by marrying 13 babes and successfully purveying hippie culture to the masses, with the creation of “The Source Family.” I’m no historian, but from what I’ve read, it was all about sex, drugs, wearing white pants, vegan organic food, and rock n roll. In addition to starting his own cult commune, Big Daddy Yod started a band that sold super weird (and now voraciously sought after) rock n roll records.

You probably don’t have the money to purchase one, but Church of the Cosmic Skull is here to help. ‘Science Fiction’, the second release from this magical seven-piece, is nothing short of a gypsy’s favorite LSD trip. Nottingham, UK handed out robes to their finest musicians for this orgy of vocal harmony, cosmic riffs, and spacey classic garage rock.

To sum up how I felt after the first listen… peaceful… in a special kind of spiritual way. And by spiritual, I mean it’s a lot like the way Ricky Bobby describes his love for baby Jesus during the dinner scene of Talladega Nights.

Church of the Cosmic Skull is just a really cool band if you’re into the whole lovely, happy, upbeat side of psych-rock. ‘Science Fiction’ is a ridiculously satisfying follow-up to ‘Is Satan Real?‘. In that, the band rocks equally as hard but has upped the ante on shamelessly flamboyant choruses and ultra-catchy pop hooks.



Church of the Cosmic Skull captures the old school spirit of Led Zeppelin, the modern harmonic finesse of Ghost, and the passion of every band that truly loves to get high off rock n roll. “Revolution Comes With an Act of Love”, as well as the title track “Science Fiction”, give fans the epic dose of the electricity they’ve been waiting for.

However, “Cold Sweat” wins the award for best song on the album, boasting shades of Born to Run, mixed with Bat Out of Hell, and charged with the band’s signature force of energy. I’m usually the type of dude who will play an album straight through, no matter what, the first time I listen to it, but I had to stop and repeat “Cold Sweat” like six times before I moved on.

‘Science Fiction’ shows precision and dexterity in the occult of the Devil’s music. Fast and heavy, slow and acoustic, trippy and riffy, electric organs and shit. This band does it all, with a menacingly wide smile.  Thank you, Bill Fisher (Guitar, Vocals); Michael Wetherburn (Hammond Organ, Vocals); Amy Nicholson (Electric Cello, Vocals); Loz Stone (Drums); Sam Lloyd (Bass, Vocals); Jo Joyce (Vocals); and Caroline Cawley (Vocals).

If you want to feel like a bald eagle surfing on a tidal wave made of rainbows, with lasers shooting out of your eyes, and a full head of steam toward a parallel dimension, then listen to Church of the Cosmic Skull.

Sadly, walking around naked and hugging people is no longer socially acceptable, but if we flood America with Church of the Cosmic Skull there might be a chance.

In their own words: “Their decision to self-produce the release is a reflection of both the changing landscape of the music industry, and the Church’s wholeheartedly DIY approach, having turned down major label offers in favor of maintaining independence.

Science Fiction’ will be supported by the UK and European shows (dates below). The group is also contributing a track to Magnetic Eye Records’ Pink Floyd ‘The Wall Redux’ tribute album, alongside the Melvins and Mark Lanegan, and continue their ‘Tele-Vision’ output with three new music videos, coming soon at

Church Of The Cosmic Skull:
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Tour & Festival Dates 2018:

May 05 – Berlin, Germany @ Desertfest Berlin

May 06 – Nijmegin, Netherlands@ Sonic Whip

Jun. 02 – Nottingham, UK @ Nottingham Contemporary

Jul. 28 – Bayern, Germany @ Rock Im Wald Fest

Aug. 09 – Hampshire, UK @ Boomtown Fair

Aug. 17 – Waffinrod, Germany @ Woodstock Forever Festival


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