NOVAREIGN ‘Legends’ Album Review & Stream; Live Dates

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

February saw the M-Theory Audio release of the début full-length album from Los Angeles’ modern power metal band Novareign, titled ‘Legends‘.

For those in the know, Novareign have been steadily building a name for themselves in recent years. With ‘Legends‘, David Marquez (Vocals), Danny Nobel (Guitars), Balmore Lemus (Guitars), Moises Galvez (Bass), and Paul Contreras (Drums), have announced their arrival in a most spectacular way.

The metal of Novareign is in a vein similar to such acts as Holy Grail or Dragonforce, it is classically inspired with European influences. Very guitar-based and driven, with thrilling axe antics delivered with fret-wrecking flare. ‘Legends‘ is riddled with such dizzying moments, where the guitars take the spotlight and put on a show that demands your undivided attention.

Songs like “Beyond The Cold“, “Heavy Heart“, and “Black As The Dead Of Night” are amazingly over-the-top with such. Of course, guitars are but a component of what a band, what Novareign, is about. The aforementioned track, “Black As The Dead Of Night“, features some incredible drumming, it is furious and unrelenting.

In fact, much of the Novareign musical output lands squarely within the realm of melodic thrash metal. For examples, check out the album’s introductory song, “Call On The Storm“, a winding flurry of sonics that seemingly rise and crash about. Then there are the vocals that grace this music, their narrations soar atop the aural grandeur of the music emanating beneath them. Some of the finest instances of this here would be the epic, ten-minute-plus “Mace Of The Fist” or the superb “Skyline“. The range they possess, along with the overall strength of their delivery, grabs you and doesn’t let go.

If you are a fan of intense power metal, the style of which has connections to such greats as Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, yet is firmly rooted in the present, then you should give ‘Legends‘ a spin. It is a most fitting introduction to Novareign if you may not be familiar with them already, and if you are then you already know to expect great things. It’s a Win-Win either way.


Novareign has what promises to be some incredible live performances coming up soon, they include the following:

March 25 – @ The Grove, Anaheim, CA w/ MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST 
March 30 – @ The Whisky, Hollywood, CA w/ BONDED BY BLOOD
Sept. 30 – @ Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA

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