THE DRY MOUTHS ‘When The Water Smells Of Sweat’ Album Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Spain’s The Dry Mouths whet our musical appetites once again with their February release, When The Water Smells Of Sweat‘.

The trio within The Dry Mouths – Christ O. Rodrigues (guitar, vocals), John Morales (drums), and Andy Reyes (bass) – have returned with a powerful step in their ongoing evolution. They continue to meld hypnotically enthralling alternative rock with nuances of shoegazian psychedelia and desert rock, all with amazing effectiveness.

Things get started here with the throttling low-key sucker punch of “Low Clouds“, a heady slow-groove cut with subtle vocals. Tranquil vibes are emitted in floating musical passages within each of these compositions, this song and its phenomenal follow-up, “Catalonian Cream“, are no exceptions.

It bobs and weaves with hazy dune-jumping ebbs and flows, winding up and getting down with a quiet cool kinda vibe. That vibe holds tight in the loose undercurrents of “The Whip” and brief, ethereal interlude-like title track, “When The Water Smells Of Sweat“.

I believe all the elements I have mentioned here find their truest state in the amazing, lysergic-laden “This Could Be The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship“. Laidback and a bit on the minimalist side, this song has the ability to sum up the very essence of The Dry Mouths‘ unwavering “super cool” demeanor.

That attitude is tripled down on in the album-closing “Doomental VI: Law Far Low Par“, an unflappable barrage of psychedelic tuning taking place. A repetitive guitar lick repeats and repeats as other audio inflections insert themselves, they include a saxophone, electronica, and periods of tribal-like drums.

This is the modern era’s true psychedelic rock, The Dry Mouths are sonic shamans, way-out wizards with the means to take you places. As good as any chemically based ticket to ride, this record will leave you soaked with a glistening sheen, my friends.

Get wet with their ‘When The Water Smells Of Sweat‘ via the streaming embed provided here or purchase this hydrotherapeutic tool at THIS LOCATION.

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