Ven Scott (Runescarred, Ex-Dead Earth Politics) Makes Directorial Debut With ‘Date From Hell’

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

Current Runescarred / former Dead Earth Politics vocalist Ven Scott will soon make his directorial debut with the film Date From Hell.

The horror film recently launched a crowd funding campaign via HATCHFUND. Fans can make a tax deductible donation and receive various perks, including receiving a producer credit, signed memorabilia, downloads, opportunities to attend a screening, and much more.

Date From Hell follows two lovers on a date that goes bad in the most disturbingly, hellish way. You can find a more details synopsis of the film below. Ven Scott previously produced ‘Shilo,’ a short film that won the Programmer’s Choice Award for shorts at the Sidewalk Film Festival.

As this article goes to press, Ven has informed me that they have made a limited run T-shirt available as well, while supplies last. Get yours now HERE!

Date From Hell
Film Synopsis:

Ever have a date that just doesn’t go quite as expected? As soon as you think things couldn’t get worse, they do. In the most horrible, gory, evil, vile, terrible way?

Susie and Bobby Dean can relate. They just can’t see eye to eye, but they aren’t the ones at each other’s throats. That is someone else altogether.

Follow these two star-crossed lovers as they would escape the clutches of a Lone Stranger. Then follow the Stranger after he gets exactly what he asked for.

There’s nothing like a bloody nightcap after a Date From Hell.

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