MONOLITH ‘Two Wolves’ Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

Ithaca, New York’s MONOLITH are back with “Two Wolves“, their first official release as a now full-fledged, legit band.

Sure, you can call MONOLITH a doom band but in doing so, and just leaving it at that, might be selling them (and yourself) short. Hell, even tossing in the “sludge” tag is doing them a small disservice if you do not further elaborate on that shit.

See, Jason Balthazar Eldridge (guitar, vocals) Colin Wilson (guitar, vocals), Parker Callister (bass, vocals) and Kenneth Whitener (drums), are definitely instilling abundant amounts of post-hardcore and dark psychedelia into their sonics. This is right along the lines of the style of metal that I learned from my friends in Swallow The Sky,  termed “Outersound“.

To draw comparisons to everything from Melvins to Neurosis or Today Is The Day is totally valid in my opinion. Just take a listen to “Two Wolves” via the embedded stream  – or stream / purchase HERE – and you will set yourself up to experience this fine bombardment of bleakly-hued heaviness.

It is aggressive, it is despondent… it is gloomy and lethally fatalistic so WTF could be better than that?!


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