GREEN DESERT WATER ‘Solar Plexus’ Album Review & Streams

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Oviedo, Spain’s GREEN DESERT WATER has just dropped their sophomore album release, ‘Solar Plexus‘, through Small Stone Records on April 27.

On this six-song album, the trio of Kike Sanchís (Guitar & Lead Vocals), Juan Arias García (Bass), and Javi González (Drums & backing vocals) ride a superfluid flow of fuzz-drenched stoner rock. The songs are flooded with heavy guitar grooves, cascades of retro blues, and soulful vocals.

From the hazy psych roll-out of intro number “Open Your Wings“, which quickly evaporates into a deluge of acid-soaked jamming, one should quickly realize what a metallic-tinged gem we have here.

If that discovery is not so immediate for some, then it will undoubtedly come with such other raucously uptempo, high energy emissions as “Chaman“, “The Deepest Sea” (video below), or “Mother Moon“. These numbers have diverse influential connections that range from the Jimi Hendrix Experience to Lenny Kravitz.

With that, there are also staggering chunks of electrified saturation ala the simmering “Souls Of The Woodland“. The vocal performance alone on this song is one of this record’s best moments, a thick, effect-heavy emoting of feeling made all the much better with the blistering bluster of incendiary guitars.

Closing with the “Solar Plexus” title track, we’re served one last salvo of lysergic exertion as wailing guitars and drums with a choppy punch to them do their thing. The hazier-style vocals are a damn fine touch, too.

Purchase ‘Solar Plexus‘ from GREEN DESERT WATER right HERE.

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