FROM BEYOND Share Stream Of Upcoming ‘The Band From Beyond’ Album

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

FROM BEYOND, the stoner / sci-fi / psyche rock band from Austin, TX are set to release their new album this coming Friday.

The Band From Beyond” will arrive on May 11 from Candlelight Records / UMG and we have it streaming in its entirety here today. The 14-track album was recorded with producer Bryan Richie of The Sword and is the follow-up to FROM BEYOND‘s The Color Out Of Space EP.

The Band From Beyond” finds that the synths flirted with upon the proceeding EP are now more fully explored, enhancing the doom-y undertones of this music. With a Lovecraftian feel combining with the vibes of 80’s era John Carpenter classics, this music provides an incredibly trippy listening experience.

Bandleader Rob McCarthy expounds on this further saying: “When the original idea for the band came to fruition, I wanted to do something that was steeped in psychedelic horror. Horror from the late sixties and early seventies was of particular interest to me. Films like ‘Simon King Of The Witches’, ‘Psychomania’, and the work of Coffin Joe (Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins) come to mind. At the same time, I love the scores for ‘Escape From New York’ and ‘Halloween’. I got really into that sparse and minimal approach to synthesis. I wanted to bring those elements to music inspired by Queens Of The Stone Age, Sleep, and the writing of H.P. Lovecraft.”

Enjoy FROM BEYOND‘s “The Band From Beyond” now, you can find pre-order for the album HERE.

Rob McCarthy (vocals, guitar, synth)
Dave Grooman (guitar, effects)
Brooks Willhoite (bass, synth, vocals)
Anthony Vallejo (drums, vocals)

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