GRAYCEON Share Stream Of New Translation Loss Records Release ‘IV’

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

The San Francisco-based progressive metal trio GRAYCEON will release their highly anticipated “IV” album via Translation Loss Records on May 18th.

The excitement over the record’s manifestation is reaching a fevered pitch as fans of eclectic, or progressive, rock know it is a game-changer recording. Five years in the making, “IV” is the masterful work of an undeniably far-outside-of-the-box thinking trio: Giant Squid’s Jackie Perez Gratz (cello / voice), and Walken’s Max Doyle (guitarist) and Zack Farwell (drums).

Aural intricacies and sublime complexities permeate this challenging album’s every moment. It is an ambitious work indeed and one that you can now treat yourself to with a full stream provided here via Soundcloud.

Most likely you will want to jump over to the means of pre-order / purchase of “IV” from GRAYCEON at THIS LOCATION.

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