VINTERSEA Serve ‘The Host’ With Controversial New Official Video

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

Portland, Oregon’s progressive death metallers VINTERSEA have released the second official music video from their 2017 debut album, “The Gravity Of Fall“.

The Host” is a provocative and seductive video that has relied on word of mouth and other means to gain large-scale public viewing. Such has been fueled since Facebook censors apparently prevented the band from advertising their new video, on the grounds of overt sensuality and partial nudity on the part of vocalist Avienne.

You can see “The Host” streaming below, along with the previous video release from VINTERSEA, “Skies Set Ablaze“. Both of the clips were produced, directed, and edited by Karl Whinnery of Hot Karl Productions.


Vocals: Avienne
Guitar: Riley Nix
Guitar: Jorma Spaziano
Bass: Karl Whinnery
Drums: Jeremy Spencer

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