MARYLAND DOOM FEST 2018 – Must-See Spotlight [Pat]: MOLASSES BARGE

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Pittsburgh has long been cultivating its underground music scene into one possessing some of the finest bands that the U.S. has to offer.

With such iconic acts as Penance and Icarus Witch calling The City That Steel Built their home, it is always cool to discover newer acts rising from its underbelly. Last year, 2017, provided me such an opportunity when I became aware of MOLASSES BARGE via their self-titled sophomore album release through Blackseed Records [review].

The quintet – vocalist Brian ‘Butch’ Balich (Argus, Penance, Arduini-Balich), guitarists Dave Fresch (The Legendary Hucklebucks) and Justin Gizzi (Monolith Wielder), bassist Amy Bianco (also of Monolith Wielder), and drummer Wayne Massey (ex-Mothra/Chano) – will play Day 2, June 23rd, of the upcoming Maryland Doom Fest.

The latest edition of our Must-See Spotlight is quick to share a prediction on my part: that MOLASSES BARGE will be one of the biggest “breakout discoveries” of next month’s MDDF IV for many folks. I know that I for one am expecting an amazing set from this five-piece, all-experienced music veterans with an enthralling sound.

They meld traditional doom elements with a bluesier delivery of hard rock and classic metal. It comes across a bit dark yet massively powerful and intense and if you, like me, are a longtime fan of singer Brian Balich then you will appreciate this outlet even more. The musicians accompanying him in MOLASSES BARGE have created a unique aural entity with this band and I cannot wait to witness it in the live setting….. at, where else? The MARYLAND DOOM FEST 2018, of course!

You can stream/ purchase the entire MOLASSES BARGE discography HERE while all the latest info & details for MDDF IV can be obtained at THIS LOCATION. See ya there!

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