SAINT KARLOFF Share Retro Unholiness With ‘Ghost Smoker’ Official Video; TWIN EARTH RECORDS To Issue Debut Album In July

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Journalist,

From the Norwegian environs comes the retro stoner rock overlords SAINT KARLOFF and their incredible “Ghost Smoker” official video.

Channeling the past’s spirits of early Black Sabbath and Pentagram, melded with occult-oriented horror films of the Seventies, SAINT KARLOFF will blow your mind with their vintage vibe-enhanced sound.

Twin Earth Records will issue the band’s debut album, “All Heed The Black God“, via digital, vinyl, and CD formats on July 27th. It’s something that the guys commented on saying:

With this album, we’ve really tried not just making it heavy, but also groovy and melodic. We are stoked to release this with Twin Earth Records”.

Check out the groovy video for “Ghost Smoker” below. All Heed The Black God was recorded at Blitz Lydstudio, mixed and produced by SAINT KARLOFF, and mastered by Steve Kitch.

Guitar / Vocals: Mads Melvold
Bass: Ole Sletner
Drums: Adam Suleiman

1. Ghost Smoker
2. Space Junkie
3. Ganymedes
4. Dark Sun
5. Radioactive Tomb
6. When The Earth Cracks Open
7. Spellburn

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