URSULAR S/T EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Berlin, Germany’s URSULAR have just released their first proper, official recording, a 3-song self-titled EP.

The contents thereof are the embodiment of psychedelic doom, otherworldly compositions that drip with LSD-like surrealism. They simply do not sound, or feel, like anything of this planet – not in the least. They possess spacial, atmospheric sonics that has the ability to enchant you, to lock you into a trance of euphoric escapism.

The quartet that comprises URSULAR is Babett (Vocals, Sax), Tim (Guitar), Kay (Bass), and Johannes (Drums). What they are able to channel in their music is heavy and harrowing at times, while others are light and liberating. Unless you are a lifeless, brain-dead cadaver, this music is impossible to resist.


The gothic undercurrents of the first song, “Nocturne“, will wade their way into your head and seduce you with their excessive fuzz-rife riffs. Babett‘s sultry, somewhat ghostly vocals are overtly alluring as they ripple across your soul. Need a comparison to help you imagine what I’m breaking down for you? Think late Sixties era Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane, but with Tony Iommi in the band, ha!

That Iommian presence storms to the forefront of “Gaia“, a staggering, swaggering behemoth of crushing guitar licks. Lumbering and plodding along as the rhythm section provides the spinal back structure to bear their weight. Then there is the saxophone – yes, dammit, I said saxophone – and URSULAR themselves have coined the ideal term for its presence: Saxodoom.

With the subtle, minimalist start to “Moan“, a whole new, different vibe rolls in like so much concealing fog. Emotional psychedelia is soon stirred up, you can feel the mystique making itself heard. There is eventually a bit of Middle Eastern flare in the music, but make no mistake, things stay profusely doomed for the duration.

We invite you to stream the self-titled EP from URSULAR here in our review or you can head to Bandcamp for streaming / purchase options HERE.

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