JANE IN SPACE ‘Gorerunner’ Album Review & Streams

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Brooklyn, NY’s JANE IN SPACE – the combined alter ego of the following duo: multi-instrumentalist and producer Jesse Jensen and vocalist Tom Vickers (bassist Josh Stillman and drummer Brian Korpalski join for live settings)  – recently released their latest studio effort, ‘Gorerunner‘, through Aion Records on July 13th.

Before we get into the meat of this review, let me preface things with the statement that I think it is always a good thing to step out of one’s comfort zone at times. This is especially true in life, as well as music and for music journalism, as well. As someone who attempts to practice what they preach (so to speak), I like to challenge myself with such endeavors.

That leads us to the reason we are here, JANE IN SPACE‘s ‘Gorerunner‘ is well embedded in the techno-industrial / EBM (Electronic Body Music) realm. Admittedly, I don’t listen to an overabundance of such styled music, but I do appreciate many things for their artistry in general. After a few listens to ‘Gorerunner‘, I came to the realization that I may be missing out on something, perhaps.

See, there are a lot of musically related sub-genres that get represented in this album, from atmospheric psychedelia to ambient outer sound, alternative rock, and modern metal. One needs just delve into “Eat Your Face“, a dance club-worthy, heady, pulsating tune that wears its Nine Inch Nails influences out openly upon its sleeve.

Trippy passages of synth-laden beats fiercely pump forth their presence while airy, almost ghostly vocals waft along the airwaves. Things escalate in intensity at times, achieving a somewhat hypnotic fluidity in their fascinating allure.

JANE IN SPACE are multi-media artists in truth, their official videos are magnificent amalgamations of sight and sound. They provide a whole other outlet and, ultimately, experience for those that see these opulent ocular constructs. See what I mean (get it?) in this video below for the aforementioned “Eat Your Face“.

Then there’s “Breaking Glass“, a melodic dispelling of human emotion that strikes a harrowing impact with a soft touch. It is textural, taking on a clear-cut coat of space rock early on, yet is so rife with poignant sincerity that it’s nearly impossible to be unaffected when it’s over. The song is quite moving, much like the objects undergoing apparent telekinetic manipulations within the accompanying video.

Of the six songs comprising this album, I especially enjoy the title track, “Gorerunner“, immensely. The song is pretty much the best example of JANE IN SPACE‘s ability to meld and weave genres into one superbly distinct, unique machination.

Within the parameters of this song, we are invited to traverse darkly hued recesses of experimental doom, albeit augmented with electronic elements, of course. Riveted with aurally-generated ominousness, there is a prevalent foreboding that builds within this cut’s undercurrents. They bubble to the surface in time, doing so via rippling synths that sound like sparking electricity, all while tribal-like drumming is taking place.

In closing, both JANE IN SPACE and the ‘Gorerunner‘ album is a pleasantly thrilling discovery for me. As someone that once enjoyed such industrial acts as KMFDM, Meathook Seed, Scorn, Wyrick, Saviour Machine, etc. regularly, it is nice to get acquainted with a contemporary entity from that field.

Gorerunner‘ is out NOW from Aion Records, it is streaming in its entirety below and available for purchase at Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, and other major outlets.

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